Helpful tips about automatic garage doors! Take a look at these tips for safety reasons

If you are looking for useful information regarding garage door repair, maintenance, installation and more, you definitely came to the right place. This page includes tips that will help you learn more about garage doors and get a good idea of what to do in case something goes wrong.

What to do with falling door

When you encounter a problem where your garage door falls when released, the root cause may be a damaged extension spring. In situations like this, our experts advise that you contact your trusted technician and ask to have the extension springs replaced as soon as possible to avoid any untoward incidents.

Keeping your garage door balanced

Always make sure that your garage door is in perfect balance at all times. You can actually perform tests to ensure this. Lift the door open manually up to four feet, it should offer little to no resistance and should remain open. If it is imbalanced, it is best to consult your trusted garage door technician to readjust your door.

Brush away water, ice or snow to prevent damage to your garage door

Whenever you see frozen water near your garage, the weather stripping may stick to the ground causing it to peel away when you raise the door. This will ruin the seal and interior insulation and lead to higher energy bills and the chance of rodents entering your home. Always brush away snow, ice or water from the bottom of your door to protect the weather stripping. And for any repairs or to schedule an inspection, give our specialists a call to keep your door operating smoothly all winter long.

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