Short and smart answers to various questions about garage doors, openers, materials and repairs

It's only natural for you to have questions about garage doors and their parts. If you are looking for answers, find the best ones here below. Read answers to frequently asked questions about garage door repairs, maintenance and learn more as they are quite helpful!

How do I stop rust from destroying my garage door?

Regardless of which material your garage door is made of, wood or steel, you should apply a protective coating of paint, or varnish to ensure that it is not exposed to the weather. This will also help against rot and galvanic corrosion. If you are already dealing with rust and can't find the time to get rid of it, count on our experts for a thorough maintenance session.

Why is the garage door cable so important?

The garage door safety cable acts to support the springs against the extreme weight of the door. The cable will help keep it aligned but is also an important buffer that will keep a broken spring from becoming an absolute catastrophe. For safety, security and optimum operation, you should keep a close eye on the cable’s condition.

Why is it that my garage door opener hums but doesn't move?

The garage door opener is comprised of electronic and mechanical components. One of the main parts of the motor that help translate electrical energy into mechanical energy is the drive gear. If your opener has already served you for a few years, then maybe it's time to change the gear since a worn out, stripped gear severs the connection between the motor and the drive assembly.

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