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If the door rollers are not functioning properly, we will repair them on the spot

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Our Garage Door Antelope is a garage door company that you can count on. We are garage door company/contractor who has built a strong reputation of being the best in the area. We do every single garage door service that there is with a garage door. From garage door repairs to garage door openers we have you covered. We are also performing only high quality services. We at Garage Door Antelope can do commercial garage doors as well as residential garage door services. We can do a single garage door, a double garage door or a whole slew of garage doors with ease. If you need any garage door work done at all please call our garage door company today.Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is malfunctioning and giving you trouble, we can help. Whether the bearings need to be greased, the roller or cable is broken or a door panel has been damaged, we can repair it. We stock parts for all the major manufacturers like Stanley or Genie, which minimizes delays in ordering parts. Our skilled technicians can repair any brand of remote control or keypad. Utilizing our same-day service, you can quickly get your garage door repaired.

Our trained team of technicians can quickly and safely take care of any problem you might be having with your garage door. We can replace broken springs, replace bent tracks, or even replace the entire system. Let us do the hard work for you. Our team knows and understands all the technology associated with garage doors today. Regardless of the type, year, make or brand – we are the team for the job. Count on our same day service!

Our Garage Door Antelope can do every garage door service that has to do with garage doors and this includes garage door repairs of course. If a garage door company does not offer garage door repairs then there is a problem. Garage door repairs will come up at one point or another with all garage doors. Parts will age over time. They will break or shift causing you to have to have a garage door contractor to come and repair it. Please call our garage door company to do these repairs with a guarantee that you will be satisfied.

What are some of the things that could go wrong with your garage door? Well for one you may have a broken emergency release. This is a safety hazard and will need to be repaired right away. You may have a door off track. If this happens you will have a hard time opening and closing the garage door. You may have sections of the garage door that has cracks and will need us to replace sections of garage door. This is no problem and we can match sections up to your garage door with ease.

You may be having issues with your weather strip or the bottom garage door rubber. These age and can have holes in them or tear off all together. We can come out and put new weather stripping and the bottom garage door rubber on for you. We can do these repairs that we have listed and so many more. Just call us at our Garage Door Antelope and talk to one of our qualified garage door contractors.

When we hire garage door contractors they are put through extensive training to make sure they know everything there is to know about garage doors and this includes garage door repairs. They will not be sent out on a garage door service until they are confident that they can do the service and do it well. Our contractors are professionals and will always go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied on every job that we do. We want you not only to be a customer but to stay our customer.

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