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Garage Door Antelope strives to be one of the best local businesses, and we succeed every day.  At Garage Door Antelope we provide ourselves on our commitment to professional garage door service from out friendly staff to our online site.  As a garage door service company we know that we need to provide the highest quality products along with qualified and well strained staff to help you with all your garage door needs.  High quality garage door service is always our goal and we are always on the lookout for the latest technology and ways to serve.Garage Door Service in California

We got our start as a residential garage door service company. 

That means that we specialize in the type of garage door that you have at your home.  Whether it is garage door repair service or garage door maintenance service you know that you can always count on professional garage door service from Garage Door Antelope.  It always seems that with your home goes wrong at the most inconvenient time.  It also seems to occur when you haven't budgeted for it.  We have your solution for that if your particular issue has to do with your garage door.  We have emergency garage door service with technicians standing by to assist you at affordable prices.  The services that we offer when it comes to emergencies include broken garage door spring repair, garage door track issues, as well as the basic service garage door opener calls that leave you standing outside in the rain when the remote doesn't work.  We cover Genie service andLiftmaster service to name just a few openers currently on the market that we have in stock and can work on.

At Garage Door Antelope one of the things we pride ourselves on is same day garage door service repair.  This is different than emergency garage door service because it is scheduled around your schedule.  It is a much better situation to have scheduled service than emergency service.  It also allows for you to plan your spending budget better.  You can plan what you want for your garage and then schedule it to happen all in one day.  No one wants to wait for home improvement or repair and we don't think you need to.  Of course, calling Garage Door Antelope makes any garage door service issue an easy and affordable one.

The town of Antelope is lucky to have local businesses that care about the needs of it community.  It is always a good feeling to support the local businesses in your community and to know that they can get the job done. Garage Door Antelope is one of those businesses.  Call us at 916-509-3539 whenever you need garage door service.  We are the garage door service company that knows what you need.  Remember us for:

  •     emergency garage door service
  •     same day garage door service
  •     garage door maintenance service
  •     garage door repair service
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