Here’s Why Garage Doors Won’t Open

Here’s Why Garage Doors Won’t Open

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A myriad of reasons can cause a garage door to malfunction. Some may require you to get new door parts, while others can easily be identified and fixed.Here’s Why Garage Doors Won’t Open

The Power is Interrupted

Sometimes, the power source may be the cause of the malfunction. If it’s disrupted, nothing will work, and it can be hard to tell how serious the issue is. Outlets can go with no apparent reason. Plug a functioning device into the power source in order to identify whether the door or the source is the problem. You can also check your fuse, circuit breaker, and GFCI in order to get a more complete idea of the problem.

The Photo Eye is Blocked

About 4 – 6 inches off the ground, there’s a pea sized photo eye which emits a laser across the entire length of the garage. It is a safety feature which most doors created in the last 15 – 20 years have, and if the line of the laser is broken, the door will halt its immediate action until the laser becomes un-interrupted. Dirt may block the laser, or the photo eye may be damaged. Either can block it and cause the door to malfunction.

The Remote Control is Malfunctioning

There can be several reasons for this, and a few different ways of fixing it yourself. The first thing to check is whether you might be out of range—move closer to the garage door, and try again. If the door opens with the wall switch, change the batteries in the remote. Furthermore, the antenna of the motor could be damaged or blocked—it should be hanging undisturbed from the motor. In lieu of other options, reprogram the remote control.

The Torsion Springs are Broken

While torsion springs are built to last, they can snap with extended use or subpar maintenance. It can sound like a firecracker or a gunshot then the torsion spring breaks. If this happens, you should never try to open the door, as it may result in serious injury. Garage door spring replacement or repair should always be left to a professional or someone with the right tools and skills. Breaking springs can also result in snapped cables, which can cause damage and injury, and should be fixed by a professional.

It is highly frustrating when one’s garage door refuses to open—especially if you cannot immediately identify the reason. With a bit of know-how, you can most likely see what has gone wrong, and take the appropriate action.

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